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As a cosmetic manufacturer in Singapore, we offer OEM services globally, producing high quality cosmetic products to help set up our clients’ own brands. We recognize the vision  and goals of each of our clients, and tailor our services to meet their needs with quality products in line with their brand requirements, adhering to strict quality standards at all levels and stages of the manufacturing process. 

We provide professional consultation to our clients on a comprehensive range of skin problems with solutions based on the latest research and  breakthroughs with our scientifically proven product formulations. Our extensive range of product formulations cater to different skincare needs which can also be modified to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

We are our clients' turnkey Skincare Manufacturer, providing solutions to our clients from product formulation, production, quality control, filling and packaging, all to suit clients’ requirements, while adhering to strict quality controls under Good Manufacturing Practice.

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BN Multi Pages - Main Pics.png

Branding and Packaging Design plays an important role in how customers see your product. Great packaging would lead to customer attraction, which can lead to product sales. 

We provide branding and packaging design services to help your product stand out  and attract customers, creating an impact and driving product purchase.

In creating packaging designs, we not only look at the importance of aesthetics, but also of functionality. We take into consideration product usage, handling, shipping and storage.

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